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Granite Cadet Squadron

The Granite Cadet Squadron emblem (approved February 19, 2022) contains the following symbolism:

Books:  Granite Cadet Squadron cadets are primarily homeschooled, a unique aspect of our squadron.  Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program curriculum is used as part of the squadron members school program. The books emphasize the academic nature of our squadron; five books representing leadership, aerospace, character, physical fitness, and emergency services.

Nike missile:  Granite Cadet Squadron meets at Maryland Wing Headquarters in Granite, Maryland, which is home to BA-79, the former Cold War-era Nike missile base.  When chartering, our squadron specifically asked for the numbers “79” in our unit designator (MD-879) to symbolize our association with the historic Nike site, of which our members assist in restoring and leading tours.

Civil Air Patrol Tri-Prop:  The historical logo of our parent organization.  Its placement above the books provides balance to the emblem and represents that Civil Air Patrol is above all that we do in the cadet program.

Coloration:  The emblem is composed of six colors:

  • Red, White, and Blue – These colors represent not only support for the United States of America, but also Civil Air Patrol whose aircraft are these colors.

  • Blue and Yellow:  These colors represent the skies above indicating the limitless potential of our cadets as well as the colors of the U.S. Air Force which we are affiliated as its auxiliary and which supports our cadets and activities.

Motto:  In omnia excellentia is Latin for “excellence in everything”.  Not only is excellence a core value of Civil Air Patrol, but it is a guiding principle in our squadron as our cadets pursue excellence in all aspects of the cadet program, especially in the academic portions.  We chose to use Latin for the motto to represent the academic nature of our squadron.

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