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Cadets at Granite Cadet Squadron regularly practice the life skills that will help them as they transition to college and careers.  These skills include, but are not limited to, study skills, time management, test taking, public speaking, goal setting, conflict management, meeting planning, and team building.

To assist our cadets in achieving excellence in their cadet promotions, we've created a series of study aids to assist cadets in learning the material for leadership and aerospace.  Starting with the earliest leadership chapters when our cadets are just learning time management and self-study skills, these aids provide our newest cadets with a suggested reading schedule, fill in the blank notes, links to audio files, videos, and game, along with puzzles and word searches to assist in their review.   

The material continues to be developed so if you don't see your chapter, keep checking back.

Study aids by chapter can be accessed by clicking on the left side bar.



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